Our Mission

When a child’s parent dies, the loss is life-changing, isolating and a potential source of a number of lifetime consequences, unless support is provided. Losing a parent shouldn’t mean losing the promise  of a child’s life, and that’s why we’re here.

Confidence and resilience are built when a child whose parent has died finds relief from her grief through a supportive community, and learns from a mentor who has also experienced loss.

We empower, support, and connect children, teens and young adults up through age 24 who have experienced the loss of a parent.

What we do

Through our supportive community, we host events that remind children they are not alone in their grief, and offer a unique one-on-one mentor program with positive role models from the community who help guide children to a life of promise and potential.  All programs and activities are provided at no charge to the family.  Join the Empower community now.

Featured Mentor

Ellie and Tess

Ellie (age 9) and Tess (age 30) were matched in July 2022 and although their stories are quite different, they’ve found a deeply meaningful connection.

Join Us For Luminaria

LUMINARIA is an illuminated display of personalized bags honoring our loved ones. Purchased by donors from across the globe for a $25 donation, each luminaria bag is uniquely displayed IN MEMORY OF or IN HONOR OF our loved one(s). Thousands of volunteers and donors come together to produce LUMINARIA events across the United States and the  United Kingdom.

100% of all proceeds raised at LUMINARIA fund Empower events and mentorship and help ensure all programs remain at no charge to the family.

Experts Guiding Children through Grief

Founder Cara Belvin was nine years old when her mother Kit died of breast cancer. Now recognized as an expert in guiding children, teens and young adults through grief, the organization Cara founded in 2013 is now serving children nationwide. Our team of innovators and nonprofit entrepreneurs are leading a cause to provide the support grieving children need to life a life of promise.