Our Mission

Empower is an international nonprofit on a mission to empower, support, and connect children and young adults up through age 24 who have experienced the loss of a parent.


What we do

Empower offers a one-of-a-kind mentor program and hosts year-round events to bring our community together. Join the Empower community now.

Featured Mentor

Ellie and Tess

Ellie (age 9) and Tess (age 30) were matched in July 2022 and although their stories are quite different, they’ve found a deeply meaningful connection.

Join Us For Luminaria

Each personalized Luminaria bag, purchased by donors from around the globe, honors a family member or loved one. Hundreds of volunteers and donors come together to create powerful public displays of community and remembrance.

Founding Story

Our story starts with a young girl. Just nine years old and reeling from the death of her mother, Cara Belvin wondered why she couldn’t find anyone who could understand her loss.

In 2013, Cara founded Empower to provide an answer to her nine-year-old self.