Gifts of Stock

Did you know Empower accepts gifts of stock? Donating stock is a simple, advantageous way you can invest in our impactful programs benefitting children facing the loss of a parent.

Here are a few tax advantageous reasons a stock gift may work for you:

It’s Simple
All you need to do is call your financial advisor and discuss making a stock donation to Empower. Together, you may review your investment gains and determine the best assets to donate to our organization.

Make a Bigger Impact
When you donate a stock that you have held for over a year, your gift is worth 20% more than if you sold the stock and gave the proceeds to Empower.

Reduce Your Capital Gains Tax
Donating stock will reduce your exposure as long as the value of the stock continues to appreciate.

Steps to Transfer a Gift of Stock:

1. Fidelity DTC code #: 0226
2. Empower (formally empowerHER) Account #: Z40145927

Our Gifts of Stock are managed by Fidelity, at the Hingham, MA branch and can be reached at (781) 356-8728 with any questions.

We encourage you to consult your financial advisor when making a stock gift. If you have questions about giving to Empower, please call 617-620-9826 or email our Founder & CEO Cara Belvin at