Our Story

Empower was founded in 2013 as a grassroots effort in a small coastal Massachusetts town to bring teenage girls who had lost their mothers together on Mother’s Day. Today, Empower has grown into an international nonprofit that supports, connects, and empowers all children and young adults who have lost a parent.

Empower offers a range of year-round programs and activities provided at no charge to the family, nurturing an inspiring, diverse community and proving that not only can you survive parent loss — you can thrive.

What We Do

Empower offers a one-of-a-kind mentorship program and hosts year-round events to bring our community together. Join the Empower community now!


Sometimes all you need is to know that you aren’t alone. Empower brings together an inspiring community built on shared experience and connection.


The tremendous weight of grief can be a little lighter with someone to share it with — the entire Empower network is here to support children of parent loss.


Our mentors and events help children of parent loss regain their confidence and sense of self, providing tangible proof that loss can be survivable.

Active Areas

We are currently serving children within our active regions and additional cities across the country will soon follow as we build a strong Ambassador program and increase awareness of our mission. Our sister organization, empowerHER UK, is available here.

Founding Story

Our story starts with a young girl. Just nine years old and reeling from the death of her mother, Cara Belvin wondered why she couldn’t find anyone who could understand her loss.

In 2013, Cara founded Empower to provide an answer to her nine-year-old self.