Mentorship Spotlight: Maddie + Kaitlin

Maddie is from Cape Cod and goes to the same high school that Kaitlin’s mom attended.  Maddie and Kaitlin have been matched for 5 years and have been there for each other for some of life’s biggest moments.  As Kaitlin says, “It’s a club that you don’t want to be in, but because you’re there, it’s nice to have somebody that understands….It doesn’t go away, as you get older, the grief comes back and you need somebody to talk to and be able to discuss your feelings with”.

Maddie says, “You’ll tell someone your mom died and they’ll say ‘I’m so sorry’ but they don’t really know what to say because they haven’t been through it themselves, but Kaitlin has.”

Maddie speaking at an Empower breakfast event