Empower mentors are positive role models (age 25+) who have also experienced the loss of a parent. Mentors are non-therapeutic volunteers, serving as a supportive, empathetic person who can understand the complexity of a child’s grief.


The children and young adults who participate in the Empower mentor program are a diverse, vibrant group joined by the shared experience of losing a parent. Mentees can join the program at any time before the age of 24.

About the Program

The Empower mentor program is a unique, one-on-one opportunity that pairs children with strong, inspiring mentors who know what losing a parent feels like. It is non-therapeutic, supportive, and inclusive to all.

Our mentors work on your schedule, at your speed. Because we know that sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference — someone to take you back to school shopping or out to lunch after the game on Saturday. Someone who can listen, empathize, and support. Someone who knows they are not a replacement for a lost parent, but a friendly face to help carry the weight or celebrate moments of joy. Someone who can understand — and share their own experience

Enrollment is simple + free.  Children under age 14 must be enrolled by a parent or guardian, while children and young adults ages 14 – 24 may enroll themselves.

How it works

Join Empower

First, join the Empower community by completing our quick enrollment questionnaire. This form will help us learn more about you so that we can pair you with the right mentor and connect you to the Empower community in your area for events.

It's a Match!

Once we’ve learned a bit more about you, our team will find a mentor in your area who fits what you’re looking for. You’ll have an introductory meetup or call with your mentor to get to know each other and start the relationship.

Mentor Meetups

Mentor meetups can take place around milestone moments such as holidays, back to school shopping, or birthdays, but meetups can also be casual — a phone call, a trip to the ice cream store, a visit to a Museum. The frequency and duration of communication and meetups is flexible and is discussed with each family during the matching process.

Safety and Well-being

At Empower, the safety and well-being of each child is our top priority. Our mentor program partners with Mass Mentor Partnerships (MMP) and follows best practices in screening, training, and monitoring guidelines for each prospective Mentor.


Sometimes all you need is to know that you aren’t alone. Empower brings together an inspiring community built on shared experience and connection.


The tremendous weight of grief can be a little lighter with someone to share it with — the entire Empower network is here to support children of parent loss.


Our mentors and events help children of parent loss regain their confidence and sense of self, providing tangible proof that loss can be survivable.

Mentorship Stories