At Empower, we know that Mother’s Day or Father’s Day can be a difficult day — and the weeks leading up to the day may be tough, too.

Today, Empower hosts events on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for children and young adults up through age 24. Events vary by region, and all enrolled will be notified about the events in their location.

Founder Cara Belvin is a Boston-native who formed Empower to bring young girls who had lost their mothers together on Mother’s Day. The first Empower Mother’s Day Retreat was held in 2014 and brought together an amazing group of brave, beautiful girls and young women who could relate to each other’s loss — and ultimately remind each other they were not alone in their grief. Today, events take place across the United States and remain at no charge to the family. Events are non-therapeutic, volunteer-driven, and community-based.

Group of women and girls celebrating